MultiTrends ITnet Services Inc.

MultiTrends allows your business to work from anywhere, anytime protecting you from interruptions while keeping you in control of your financing.
The Business

Founded in 2002, MultiTrends ITnet Services has grown from a one-man IT support operation in a garage into a 13-person team with offices in Maple Ridge and Toronto.

MultiTrends provides managed IT support services, virtualization, cloud computing and help desk support for clients throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. MultiTrends is proud to help clients focus on their businesses by taking care of their IT needs.

The Founder

A strong desire to provide for his family while taking control of his own destiny led MultiTrends Oliver Perez to register for the self-employment program at Douglas College.

The program helped Oliver conquer his fears, meet other entrepreneurs, and begin his journey towards starting a successful business.